Tankless Water Heater Installation

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Residential Tankless Installation

Nobody Installs Tankless Water Heaters Better

When you hire Paragon Mechanical for your tankless water heater installation, you are hiring a team of experts to provide you with a top rated installation which will last for many years to come, problem free. Our extensive experience servicing existing tankless installations in the Chicagoland area, combined with our ongoing tankless water heater education, is what makes us a great fit for your new tankless water heater installation, service, and maintenance. Our exceptional installation team is always ready and eager to conduct their next tankless water heater installation. Our installers love the work they do and it truly shows in all of their installations. Having installed thousands of tankless water heaters every year, our installation technicians have the experience and knowledge to get your system installed correctly, efficiently, and safely every time. Tankless water heaters are what we do and we love installing tankless water heaters for our many Chicagoland customers.

If you’re looking for tankless water heater installation for your residence or commercial facility in or near the city of Chicago, call Paragon. Our expert technicians have over 30 years of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing tankless water heaters for both residential and commercial uses. Our qualified specialists have the technical skills and the knowledge that only comes with years of on-the-job experience. We are professionals with a purpose: we will get your tankless water heater up and running in no time.

The Paragon Promise

We know your newly installed tankless water heater is a large investment and we treat it as such. Your family’s comfort is not a responsibility we take lightly. In addition to guaranteeing your tankless water heater will be installed to specification, we offer warranties on all of our tankless water heater installations for up to 10 Years. You can rest assured knowing you chose the right team to install your new tankless water heater.

Customized Solutions

Researching new tankless water heaters can be a very stressful and confusing process for a homeowner to undertake. Instead, we urge you to allow Paragon Mechanical to eliminate the guesswork as you focus on the things that matter most to you.

The Paragon Standard

Piping Braced with Unistrut

All piping is installed using only the highest grade and quality material. Because of their strength and durability, only closed cell PVC and Type-L copper are authorized for our tankless installations. In addition, all piping will be supported by the Unistrut for strength and a clean appearance, and the gas piping will be sized to ensure your unit will receive all the gas it needs. Our installers are instructed to test your gas meter on every job, and in the event you require a new gas meter, our office is ready to assist you in the upgrade with your gas company. We can help you to fill out the forms and to work with your gas company to have the meter replaced with the properly sized meter.

Fresh Air Intake

To ensure tankless longevity, we provide a termination which allows for clean and proper combustion in the tankless burner compartment. Our concentric termination also provides a clean look on the outside of your home with a simple paintable termination which may be painted to match any exterior. Additionally, to protect your home or business from water damage, insects, and animals, we always seal all penetrations with high grade silicone sealant on the inside and the outside of the penetration.

Exhaust Air

The exhaust for these machines is a critical component of a boiler installation and only approved PVC should be utilized. While unbeknownst to many people, not all PVC pipe is the same, and some open cell DWV piping is not approved for being used as exhaust piping. This is a common deception in our industry because DWV piping is 1/3 the price of the closed cell approved PVC piping. We will provide our customers with only the proper venting material to ensure it will not degrade over time and cause poisonous gases to leak into the occupied space.

Gas Meter

Once your new heater is installed, the technician will check the gas pressures to make sure you have proper gas flow to the unit. In addition, the technician will check the meter for the home, and in the event a new meter is required, our office is ready to assist you in the upgrade with your gas company. We can help you to fill out the forms and to work with your gas company to have the meter replaced with the properly sized meter.


All units are equipped with dedicated circuitry to allow for easy-off operation, if ever needed. At the same time, the units will be equipped with a remote mounted near the unit which may be utilized as a user interface and diagnostic tool for the technician when needed.

Fixtures Tested

As part of our check out process, we will flush your system of any debris and soldering chemicals, then we will test your faucets to ensure the settings are to your preference.

Device Registration

To obtain the proper warranty from the manufacturer, all devices must be registered with the customer’s information and the installation date. During the invoicing process we register your device for warranty.

Customer Experiences

“Scott and Dave came and installed my new Noritz tankless heater and were very clean and neat to the T”

Jack M.
Arlington Heights, IL

“I love my new tankless heater thank you Paragon”

Mickey H.
Northbrook, IL

“I originally had an eternal tankless installed by another company and when it failed for the third time I found Paragon Mechanical and Doug came and installed my new Noritz tankless heater. I am so happy with my experience thus far and look forward to many years with my new tankless heater.”

Chris Z.
Hoffman Estates, IL

“I have never been so happy with a contracting company; they were on-time, very clean and neat and delivered everything that was promised.”

John D.
Itasca, IL

“Doug did a great job installing my tankless heater and informed me of everything along the way. He is a great installer and did an awesome job.”

Mike R.
Arlington Heights, IL

“I had to replace my tankless heater after only 2 year because the previous company installed it wrong. Scott did a great job and though it was the same product you could see the difference between the previous company and Scott’s craftsmen ship.”

Nick W.
Northbrook, IL

“I had a great experience dealing with Paragon and there installation team. I interviewed several companies and am sure that choosing Paragon for installing my tankless heater was the correct choice.”

Jim P.
Deerfield, IL

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