Our Guarantee

We are a trusted and highly regarded residential and commercial service provider specializing in heating, cooling, and domestic hot water services. We are proud to serve Chicagoland with complex, high-end systems and pride ourselves on having the ability to correct problems when other companies are unable to.

The Paragon Promise

Paragon Mechanical, Inc. guarantees all work to be done using quality craftsmanship and by expert technicians at all times. We provide a no-questions-asked, 1 YEAR WARRANTY on anything we do including parts and labor. This means that if for any reason you have any problem within the first year of our work and or service we will fix or replace at our expense.

Each and every team member of Paragon Mechanical, Inc. works to provide superior service and stands behind that service. We have available 24/7 emergency service so that we can be there for our customers when you need us most. Through our manufacturers we provide materials warrant’s that are typically 10 years on parts but will vary from each manufacturer.

Knowing that warranty provides peace of mind to customer we have worked with the manufacturers to provide our customer with a no-questions-asked, 10 YEAR WARRANTY on installation. All of our installation are eligible for a 10 year parts and labor warranty with the purchase and up keep of the prescribed regular maintenance program. All the equipment which we install requires regular maintenance that is needed by the manufacturers and provided you entrust Paragon Mechanical to perform this maintenance for your equipment we can extend your warranty to cover parts and labor for 10 years. Please note that labor warranty is during normal business hours and is guaranteed to be at your home within 24 hours.

We are always striving to provide each and every customer not only with the best service in the business but also the best available parts and equipment. To accomplish this goal we run each and every manufacturer we use through a PMI 34 point test prior to using this equipment on any job. We test for; durability, so the equipment will do what it is supposed to day in and day out, functionality, so that it delivers just what is promised without compromise, longevity, so that the system will operate for a long period of time without failure, efficiency, so that the system can operate energy efficiently and warranty by requesting the manufacturer that we use to provide Paragon Mechanical, Inc. with a minimum of 10 year parts warranty to everything we install. We stand behind our systems to make our customers happy and we expect all our manufacturers to do the same without hesitation.

Warranties Provided

Standard Warranty

1-Year Parts and Labor
(Both Service and Installation)

Service Warranty

3-Years Parts and Labor
w/ Preferred Customer Plan

Installation Warranty

10-Years Parts and Labor
w/ Preferred Customer Plan

*Please note that we cannot honor any warranty if there is an unpaid balance or if any company, person or persons have performed any work on a system PMI installed and or serviced. All work and or regular maintenance shall be performed by a Paragon Mechanical, Inc. licensed professional.

The Customer's Bill of Rights

We provide the following commitment between each and every employee of PMI and its valued customers. It is this guarantee that is signed by all employees which is a stepping stone for providing our customers with a higher level of service each and every day.


You have the right to deal with a company that treats each and every customer with the utmost respect. That every person working for the company that you hire from the owner to the warehouse employee gives the customer the same level of respect and courtesy along with expertise and professionalism with no exceptions.

Qualified Technician

Every customer has the right to receive a qualified & experienced technician or installer on their job. This technician should be efficient with their time, thorough in their work, well spoken to the customer and always clean; wearing a clean uniform, have a clean and organized truck and most of all never leave a work site in any condition other than pristine.

Competitive and Fair Price

The customer should not have to pay more for expertise and the proper work done rather the customer should pay a fair price for the service to be done. We know that our customers have many choices when selecting a company and we believe they should not pay more for the feature and benefits they get when going with Paragon Mechanical, Inc. rather it should just reflect a better value for what our customers spent.

24/7 Emergency Service

Regardless the time of day or the day of the week you have the right to receive the service you need to perform the work required. We strive to meet the demand of the unknown by implementing a system that allows for service to our customer 24/7 all year round.

Load Analysis

Every customer is entitled to a complete and accurate load calculation performed on the building in which a heating or cooling system is to be installed. This is a critical part of having an energy efficient system that will last a long period of time without problems. It is a fact that if a system is not sized correctly (correctly is NOT a thumb rule but rather done to the standards of ASHREA and ACCA) the system will require more service and consume more energy as well typically be less comfortable


You have the right to have work done by a business that will warranty and honor their work regardless of the situation all our work comes with a no questions asked one year warranty policy. See our warranty card for more information.

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