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Residential Thermostat Repair

Chicagoland’s Highest Rated Thermostat Repair Team

We are proud of our rating as the number one “smart” thermostat service and repair company in the area. A malfunctioning thermostat can cause many problems, as it controls the heating and cooling systems in your home. Living in Chicago and surrounding suburbs means that you need to always have a functioning thermostat to protect you and your family from extreme cold and extreme heat. When, and if, your thermostat begins to malfunction, contact Paragon Mechanical immediately! Call 847-321-9428.

What Happens When My Thermostat Breaks?

If your heating or cooling system all of a sudden stops working, do not automatically assume it is the actual system. Your thermostat may just be broken! Fortunately, the experts at Paragon Mechanical can come and diagnose the problem, so you don’t spend excess money or time on this issue. Aside from your heating or cooling system not running, other problems may arise. These include the system not being able to stop running and uneven temperatures, neither of which you want to have happen. The quick and efficient thermostat service available through Paragon Mechanical means that you won’t have to worry about these problems for long.

Why Choose Paragon Mechanical?

From fast response time to continuous training, there are plenty of reasons to choose Paragon Mechanical for your thermostat service. We have technicians available 24/7 for when emergencies arise, and we provide quick turn-around on all our service repair calls. As a “smart” thermostat service provider, we take the time to learn about new systems, parts, ways to repair anything HVAC-related, and more. All of our technicians attend classes to stay abreast of the latest advances, for both digital and traditional models.

Because of this training, our expert technicians are able to work with most manufacturers, including, but not limited to, Nest Learning, Ecobee, Honeywell, Lennox, and Aprilaire. When you put your home in the hands of another, it is crucial that they are able to take care of the systems inside of it. At Paragon Mechanical, we understand the ins and outs of HVAC systems, especially thermostats!

Contact Paragon Mechanical Today

When you notice that your thermostat or heating/cooling system is not working properly, call Paragon Mechanical! We will be able to diagnose the root of the issue, whether it is miscalibration, worn wires, computer system errors, or something else entirely. Call 847-321-9428 to take advantage of a company that offers fast and reliable thermostat service for most makes and models!

Common Problems

Blank Thermostat

If you notice your thermostat screen is blank or unresponsive, please first check to see if it has replaceable batteries. Older thermostats require infrequent battery replacement and the solution might be simple. If you have a smart thermostat like the Nest or Ecobee, this could mean it was installed incorrectly, it could indicate the HVAC system has lost power or tripped a breaker. Call Paragon right away if you encounter a blank thermostat and the batteries have been replaced.

Power Cycling

With smart thermostats like the Nest Learning Thermostat and Ecobee becoming more prevalent in homes throughout the Chicagoland area, so have problems associated with their unique wiring needs. If you notice your HVAC system frequently turning on and off, call Paragon immediately as your thermostat may be wired incorrectly or your HVAC system might be failing.

Error Codes

If your thermostat is displaying an error code/message of any kind, it usually indicates there is a problem with the system it is controlling. While some problems can easily be resolved with some troubleshooting, errors like the “No Power to RH” error code usually indicate there is a problem with the wiring or the HVAC equipment.

Customer Experiences

“These guys arrive faster than Jimmy Johns!”

Mickey H.
Northbrook, IL

“I have never been so happy with a contracting company; they were on-time, very clean and neat and delivered everything that was promised.”

John D.
Itasca, IL

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