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Warm Up For The Winter

When you live in Chicagoland, you get used to the harsh winters. Temperatures plummet at the drop of a hat and everyone flocks to the warmth of their homes. When your furnace, boiler, or air handler isn’t working properly, you want a service company that can solve your problem quickly. At Paragon Mechanical, our furnace repair technicians work diligently to help our customers. These experts include qualified mechanics that are trained to service your furnace, boiler, or air handler with top-notch professionalism.

Furnace Repair in Chicago

Furnace repair can be tricky, and it isn’t a repair you can wait around for. When your heating unit is malfunctioning, it is important to contact an experienced technician immediately, particularly if it is coming up on the colder months. Fortunately, with Paragon Mechanical, you will receive safe, affordable, and fast furnace repair service. In addition, no matter your unit’s brand, Paragon’s technical team can likely service the unit! We can service Trane, Carrier, Lennox, and many other well-known manufacturers. Whether your system is old or new, we can say with confidence that we have the furnace and boiler expertise to properly fix your problem the first time.

Call Paragon Mechanical

No matter what time you discover a problem with your heating unit, our technicians are there for you. We understand that being without heat is a problem that needs a quick resolution. At Paragon Mechanical, our furnace repair services are available 24/7 and can take your call at all hours. Contact us today, call 847-321-9428!

Open home furnace just ready for cleaning and repair
Handyman replaces a furnace filter with a clean one

Common Water Heater Problems

Unusual Noises

If you hear strange noises coming from your furnace, this could indicate imminent part failure or debris in the system. Call Paragon immediately to avoid loss of heating.

Fan Only

If you notice that cool air is being circulated throughout your home when the thermostat is making a “call for heat,” this could indicate that only the system fan is functioning, and the furnace has failed to ignite. Call Paragon immediately to diagnose and repair this common furnace problem.

Power Cycling

With smart thermostats like the Nest Learning Thermostat and Ecobee becoming more prevalent in homes throughout the Chicagoland area, so have problems associated with their unique wiring needs. If you notice your furnace frequently turning on and off, call Paragon immediately as your thermostat may be wired incorrectly or your furnace control board might be failing.

Water Leaking

If you notice water on, inside, or around your furnace, it may be indicative of a humidifier or condensate problem which can lead to furnace failure if water contacts the electrical components of your furnace. Call Paragon immediately if you see water near your furnace.

Attempts But Fails to Start

If you notice your furnace attempting to start before immediately shutting off, this is indicative of a problem with the furnace’s ignition process. Do not continue trying to start the furnace as excessive gas will be supplied to the device. Call Paragon immediately if your furnace fails to start.

Cool Air Blowing

If you notice the air coming through the supply vents/registers is room temperature or cold, this means the system fan is working as expected but the furnace has failed to ignite. Please turn the system off immediately and call Paragon if you notice cold air is being supplied to your home.

Blank Thermostat

If you notice your thermostat screen is blank or unresponsive, please first check to see if it has replaceable batteries. Older thermostats require infrequent battery replacement and the solution might be simple. If you have a smart thermostat like the Nest or Ecobee, this could mean it was installed incorrectly, it could indicate the furnace control board has failed, or it could indicate the system has lost power or tripped a breaker. Call Paragon right away if you encounter a blank thermostat and the batteries have been replaced.

Power Loss

If you discover that your furnace has lost power, please first check to see if the furnace light switch has been mistakenly turned off or if the furnace access doors are improperly seated. Both common mistakes can result in the “No Power to RH” error code on the Nest thermostat. If the switch is on and the doors are properly secured, this could indicate a larger problem with the furnaces electrical system. Call Paragon if the simple checks do not restore power to your furnace.

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John D.
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