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Residential Humidifier Installation

Our Furnaces Keep You Warm, Our Humidifiers Keep You Comfortable

Home humidification is one of the most overlooked components of an HVAC system in Illinois. With our harsh winters, it is not only a matter of properly heating your home, but also ensuring there is the perfect balance of moisture in the air. A properly installed humidifier can eliminate sore throats and dry skin while an incorrectly installed humidifier can cause excessive moisture and damage to your home.

We can’t stress enough how frequently we walk into a new client’s home to find an improperly installed, disconnected, leaking, or improperly programmed humidifier. After a few minutes of discussion, we almost always hear that those same clients have issues with sore throats and dry skin during the long Illinois winters. Enter humidifier. For all your home humidification needs, Paragon is here to help. Not only will we properly install your new humidifier to ensure optimal performance, but we will also go over each humidifier option in advance so that your system is paired with the ideal humidifier solution. Your home is unique and so are its humidification needs.

Humidifier Installation - Paragon Mechanical
Humidifier Installation - Paragon Mechanical
Humidifier Installation - Paragon Mechanical

The Paragon Promise

While correctly installed humidifiers can provide a high level of comfort during cold winters, and incorrectly installed humidifier can also cause devastating leaks. We promise to install your humidifier exactly to manufacturer specifications and we will always go above-and-beyond to also meet the “Paragon Standard.” A Paragon humidifier installation will provide you with maximum comfort and complete peace-of-mind.

Customized Solutions

The three most common humidifier solutions are the Bypass Humidifier, the Power Humidifier, and the Steam Humidifier. Before our Installers set foot in your home, a Paragon Project Manager will discuss with you the needs of your home and pair the perfect humidifier to the needs of your HVAC system and home. If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on a comfort device, it should meet all your needs. We are constantly reviewing products and manufacturers to ensure our clients only receive the best. Unlike most other HVAC companies, we are not obligated to install specific products or equipment.

The Paragon Standard

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“I have never been so happy with a contracting company; they were on-time, very clean and neat and delivered everything that was promised.”

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