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Residential Furnace Installation

Your Furnace is the Heart of Your Home

Your furnace is arguably the most vital appliance in your house, regardless of your home’s size. On a winter night when it is -10° outside, your furnace is the only device protecting your family and keeping your home comfortable and safe. We should return the favor by ensuring your furnace is installed correctly and will continue to operate safely and reliably. A furnace installation conducted by Paragon Mechanical furnace technicians is something we take very seriously and we work hard to provide all of our customers with skilled craftsmen, superior expertise when selecting products and sizes and, most of all, exceptional value. We provide many services but, when installing your home’s heating system, we aim to provide you with tremendous value and long-term reliability on each and every job.

Furnace Installation - Paragon Mechanical

The Paragon Promise

We work incredibly hard, both in your home and at our offices, to make sure your furnace installation is executed properly, efficiently, and within your budget. From the initial furnace consultation, during which we properly size equipment and help customers select among all the features and manufacturers, to the actual installation, we make it easy to achieve perfection in your home’s heating system. Our installation crews are among the most knowledgeable and highly trained in the Chicagoland area, so they also have the ability to explain your system to you as proficiently as the project manager whom is dedicated to your project.

Customized Solutions

As premium comfort specialists, we offer a wide variety of furnace installation options and we will ensure your system is as unique as your home. From the basic “builder models” to the high efficiency, energy saving, premium models, our staff is very well-versed and highly trained in all makes and models available on the heating and cooling market today. You can rest assured knowing we will match you with a furnace designed to effectively heat and cool your home comfortably, all year long. We will walk you through choosing the perfect furnace for your home, and our furnace installers will make sure it is comfortable, efficient, and quiet.

The Paragon Standard

Sealed Plenum

A new furnace installation cannot be expected to heat or cool your home if a significant amount of air leaks from the duct work immediately above the furnace. Failure to properly to seal the duct work and the plenum is a classic problem our Service Team comes across and is one of the simplest causes of temperatures disparities throughout the house and added wear-and-tear on the equipment as the system works harder to reach setpoint because of air loss. A Paragon furnace installation ensures you will get the maximum efficiency and capability out of your new furnace.

Fresh Air Intake

One of the easiest ways to cut cost on a furnace installation is to eliminate the outside combustion air intake and drawing air from indoors. Doing so may reduce your installation price but it will assuredly increase your future repair bills and it will significantly reduce the lifespan of your new furnace installation. Many furnaces are either installed in a confined space where there is not enough combustion air or installed in an area near a washer/dryer. While dryer lint will breakdown the equipment over time, inadequate combustion air can cause outright heat loss at the most inopportune time. Paragon “Standard” installations always include a fresh air intake to avoid these very problems before they ever happen.

Media Filters

1″ filters are a classic example of cost-cutting at the expense of the customer. While some customers will make the informed decision to forego a media cabinet with a 3″ to 5″ filter, we all-to-often encounter customers who were never given the option at all by previous contractors. A 1″ filter is only capable of removing large particles from the air and can often choke the return air causing the air handler to overwork and ultimately fail. With a Paragon “Standard” installation, we include a 4″ media cabinet with a filter that is capable of removing small particles from the air with minimal restriction in air flow.

Side Venting

When possible, a furnace should be vented from the side if for no other reason than to save the customers on inevitable future repair costs. There is no upfront cost difference in venting a new furnace installation through the top or side of the furnace, but when a repair technician needs to access the cooling coil 5-10 years down the road and there is an exhaust pipe blocking his access, you will quickly find yourself paying for both a heating and cooling repair at the same time. At Paragon we are not interested in short-term gains, we are interested in long-term relationships and long-term cost savings for your home and your new furnace installation.

Furnace Raised

You might notice that airflow restriction is a common theme when it comes to a furnace installation and this is yet another highlight of why it is so vital to system longevity. A furnace relies on a specific volume of air coming back to it through the return vents and return ducts, and without it the system will overwork and the motor will quite literally burn out and fail. Elevating the furnace and adding a return box under the furnace is a simple yet often excluded piece of a proper install.

Permitted Material Only

When it comes to a furnace installation, specifically in terms of the water, gas, and vent piping requirements, there are a wide array of options available and therefore a wide array of mistakes that installers will make if not properly educated. If there are two things we know every customer looks for in a new furnace installation, it would be comfort and safety. By selecting the wrong piping materials for your new furnace installation, you are being put at risk of gas and exhaust leaks into your home. The Paragon “Standard” assures that with any installation we do, you will be receiving properly rated and authorized materials only. Safety is of the utmost importance to us and your comfort is an expectation.

Proper Calibration

A furnace installation does not end with placing the new equipment in its place and connecting the pipes, but it also includes properly configuring the equipment to match the needs of your home and your cooling system. (Many folks don’t realize the heating and cooling systems must work together!) As part of the Paragon “Standard” installation, we always recommend the inclusion of a commissioning visit to ensure quality control and to verify your system will perform to the peak of its ability for your specific duct system.


We know most homeowners have no desire to become mechanical experts, that’s why Paragon is here to begin with. All heating and cooling systems require some level of user interaction on a regular basis and we feel as though your education is a service our team should provide as part of your new furnace installation. Unfortunately, many heating and cooling companies have no interested in maintaining a long-term relationship with customers after the installation, but we do. We have learned that through a brief system tutorial, we can save customers thousands of dollars in needless furnace repair bills going forward.

Proper Delta Temperature

Delta Temperature simply means change in temperature. Besides basic functionality testing after a furnace installation has been completed, this is the most vital test to perform to ensure your new furnace installation is providing the precise temperature it is designed for, and to ensure it is receiving back through the return ducts an expected temperature result after the air in the living spaces has been mixed with the conditioned air. This test can confirm a successful installation and can also help identify potential problems within the duct work itself.

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