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Residential Air Conditioner Repair

Being without air conditioning during the hot summer months can be miserable. Time is of the essence when you and your family are suffering in the heat, which is why you need access to a company that can get to your home quickly!

Paragon Mechanical offers a full range of residential air conditioning services, such as AC installation, AC repair, and more, all within a time frame that will work for you. Our certified specialists come prepared with up to date training in HVAC systems, the proper equipment, and the ability to fix your air conditioning system on the first visit.

AC Installation with Paragon Mechanical

In our industry, change is the common denominator. It is imperative that your service company is knowledgeable about new systems, parts, and more. At Paragon Mechanical, our service technicians are always learning new techniques and are able to work with many different manufacturers, such as American Standard, Bryant, and Goodman. From AC installation to small repairs, our team is here for you!

Common Problems

Our technicians have spent years fixing air conditioning units, and have encountered basically any problem you could imagine. Common problems include warm air coming out of the unit, improper initial installation, ice on the unit, and more. Our expert technicians can address all of these issues correctly and efficiently. In addition to fixing problems that occur, we can take care of any AC installation needs. Whether a different company made an error installing your AC unit, or you need someone to complete the entire AC installation, Paragon Mechanical is here for you! Learn more about Common Problems below.

Contact Paragon Mechanical Today

Oftentimes, people wait until their unit is actually broken before they contact us for air conditioning repair. However, it is always better to be proactive with your AC repair and AC installation! Even if it is colder out, it is good to get a head start so you don’t need to worry about it when all of a sudden it is hot again. Our technicians in the Chicagoland area are able to provide skilled service and repair to our customers through continuous training and years of experience.

To learn about how we can help your home always have the air conditioning it needs, call 847-321-9428 today! We offer 24/7 emergency services, and our team is able to give you same day services within a reasonable appointment window.

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Heating and air conditioning inverter used to heat and cool cond

Common Problems

Newly Installed Equipment Malfunction

There are many service calls in which we receive for recently installed cooling equipment that is not working as expected. Most of these service calls are a result of poor installation of the newly installed cooling equipment.

If this problem is corrected early enough the life of the equipment could possibly not be negatively affected. Paragon Mechanical prides ourselves on expert installation of cooling equipment for each and every installation. See our cooling installation services for more detail.

Air Doesn’t Seem as COLD

Outdoor condensing units will when dirty run inefficiently and poorly. The outdoor units as they are providing cool air inside your home they are rejecting the heat from inside the home to the outside air via the outdoor condensing unit. When the condensing unit is clogged from dirt and debris it will not be able to reject the heat and therefore the cool air your home HVAC system is supposed to produce may feel warmer then usual because it can not reject the heat from inside the home .

The simply thing to do is clean the outdoor condensing unit. Paragon trained professionals can provide this service for you or we can show you how to do this yourself.

Blank Thermostat

When installed, some standard thermostats require a battery to keep them working. If you see a blank screen on your thermostat, the first thing you should try is to simply replace the batteries. Thermostat battery failure is oftenly mistaken for a major furnace problem.

Visit our Smart Thermostat page to learn more about cutting-edge thermostats that are internet-connected, provide remote access, and no longer require batteries to operate.

Warm Air in Cooling Mode

A conventional split cooling system has an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor furnace. If you notice warm air blowing from your vents, and the outdoor condensing unit is not running, please check the corresponding breaker to ensure the breaker has not been tripped. Before resetting the breaker, you should try to determine why it was tripped, correct the issue, and turn the breaker back on.

If the problem persists or you are not comfortable rectifying the problem yourself, please contact a trained, Paragon Mechanical, representative or technician to assess and correct the problem.

Ice Present on Unit

Ice formation can be caused by many factors, but one of the most common causes is a lack of air flow inside of the indoor unit. Poor air flow is commonly caused by a dirty filter. Before calling a professional, you should check your filter, replace it if it is dirty, and let the system completely thaw before attempting a restart.

If our quick solution does not work for you, please contact Paragon Mechanical to arrange a service call. The Paragon Mechanical Service Agreements are also a fantastic way to stay ahead of filter-related problems.

Customer Experiences

“Scott is great I was told by another company the compressor was bad and within 30 minutes of Scott being here my air conditioner was cooling. Scott was great!”

Jay J.
Arlington Heights, IL

“Scott was very good and explained everything to me in a way I could understand.”

Joe J.
Stokie, IL

“I thought I was going to have to spend over $4,000 replacing my air conditioner but when I called Paragon they said they could come out and fix it I was very skeptical. Shame on me Doug came and was able to fix my air conditioning unit right away.”

Marta Z.
Arlington Heights, IL

“Scott did a great job I would call Paragon again in a heart beat.”

Rob B.
Elmhurst, IL

“I never had to call a HVAC contractor before so I was naturally nervous but thankfully I found Paragon and they were honestly such a pleasure to deal with. Chris was smart and very friendly.”

Lee M.
Chicago, IL

“Kevin came out to my home and I explained the problems we have had for years. I went with all his recommendations and now my second floor cooling system works better then ever.

Mike M.
Deerfield, IL

“Chris fixed my AC and adjusted my furnace all in the same visit. He knows his air conditioners”

Joe F.
North Barington, IL

“These guys arrive faster than Jimmy Johns!”

Mickey H.
Northbrook, IL

“I have never been so happy with a contracting company; they were on-time, very clean and neat and delivered everything that was promised.”

John D.
Itasca, IL

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